Wake Up to a Hot Cup of Joy

Continued from Newletter…
That’s true. But, remember, joy is the evidence of God’s outpouring of spirit. It is an expression of God’s exuberance and delight made manifest through us. It is what empowers us and makes us feel at one with the Divine.
But who among us, at times, has not been sapped of their energy, enthusiasm and zest for life? Sometimes “stuff” happens. We get thrown an unexpected curve ball and joy strikes out — and then must beat a humiliating retreat back to the dugout.
But what if we really got that our joy is not dependent on circumstances? How would life be different if times of being out of alignment with our joy were minimized?
Imagine all the lives and situations in which you could make a positive impact. Imagine starring in a life you love so much that your vibrancy and vitality shine through in everything you do.
Imagine waking up to a hot pot of joy, God’s natural caffeine, every morning. Savor the taste, savor the aroma. Imagine pouring a cup and sharing it with others. No reason to keep it to yourself because joy is contagious and is meant to be shared.
Join us this Sunday as Rev. Dr. Mitzi Lynton personally pours you a hot cup of joy — no creamer needed!!