Guiding Principles

  1. The universe is fundamentally spiritual - it has intelligence, purpose, beauty, and order.
  2. There is one life, this life is good, this life is God.
  3. The inner most part of man is God.
  4. God is intelligent and powerful, therefore, we are intelligent and powerful to the extent we are conscious.
  5. We are at choice in every moment, thus our thoughts create our experience.
  6. Our conscious use of right thinking sets universal law in motion.
  7. We cannot have a revelation greater than our realization.
  8. God is the source and substance of all creation. Nothing exists outside of God.
  9. Each one is a Divine manifestation of God - whole, perfect and complete.
  10. We have the ability to be happy, healthy, prosperous and free; free to the degree that we realize our unity with the one life of God.
  11. We are limited, not by Principle, but by our own inability to see perfection.
  12. Ultimately, all paths to God end in Love.