Our Story


New Vision Center for Spiritual Living has had several names and a few locations over these many years, but we've stayed true to our focus on the deep spiritual principles of love, transformation and inclusion every step of the way. Here's a brief history of our community.

New Vision Spiritual Growth Center; Religious Science in Paradise Valley was incorporated on December 29, 1988. On February 14, 1989 under the auspices of Reverend Joyce Murphy, the charter for New Vision Spiritual Growth Center was signed and sanctioned by the United Church of Religious Science. Seventy-five founding members signed the charter and during the following six years the congregation grew to approximately 150 active members and averaged a Sunday attendance of 200.

In the beginning, our spiritual community meet each Sunday in the cafeteria of a local middle school in the Paradise Valley School District in central Scottsdale, AZ. Approximately 18 months after the community was chartered, they moved to the ASU Kerr Center. As the community grew in attendance the decision was made to begin holding two services every Sunday.

The community offered a variety of classes to support one another in spiritual growth and evolution. These classes were held in the homes of Practitioners and community members. Office space was leased to provide a space for the administrative business of the community.

In June 1995, Reverend Joyce Murphy retired from the ministry. Upon her retirement, the Board of Trustees began a rigorous search for a new minister to be the ecclesiastical leader and senior minister of the community. During the five to six months of search, guest ministers and ministerial candidates were invited to deliver the Sunday morning message. In December 1995, Reverend Michelle Medrano accepted the letter of call and became the new Senior Minister.

In January 1997, New Vision Spiritual Growth Center and Religious Science Community Church of Arizona, Inc joined to became New Vision Spiritual Growth Center of Scottsdale. With this merger, there was in infusion of cash that had been bequeathed by a devout member of the adjoining community. This money was added to the already expanding building fund. New office space was leased to accommodate an expanding administrative team and to provide space for more classes.

In December 1999, the community purchased a residence on 96th street in North Scottsdale. This property was used for Administrative office space and provided meeting space for classes, receptions, weddings and other community functions.

In 2004 the property was sold and the community leased retail space located near the corner of Hayden Rd and Mountain View Rd in North Scottsdale. The space was built out to accommodate Sunday morning services as well as office space, multiple classrooms and a social hall with adjoining kitchen. This created space for more classes, events and fundraisers, thereby serving the membership and expanding the financial stability of the community.

During Reverend Medrano’s seventeen years of service to the community, the attendance continued to grow and expand. In 2009 the current property located at 18010 N. Tatum Blvd was purchased. The first service was held on Christmas Eve, 2009.

In 2012 United Church of Religious Science corporate merged with Religious Science International taking the name Centers for Spiritual Living. Therefore, the name became New Vision Center for Spiritual Living. Due to this change, the governing body of the community changed from the Board of Trustees to the Leadership Council.

In June 2013, Reverend Medrano resigned her position as senior minister of New Vision Center and accepted a letter of call to Mile High Church in Lakewood, CO. The Leadership Council began a search for a new senior minister.

During this search, the leadership of the community maintained continuity by inviting guest speakers and ministerial students to conduct the Sunday morning services.

In February 2014, Reverend Sally Robbins accepted the letter of call and became the Senior Minister. Rev. Sally served the community in this capacity for approximately one year, resigning in February 2015. Again, the leadership and committed members maintained the structure and continuity of the community with guest speakers and special events.

In February 2016, Reverend Dr. Penny Macek accepted the letter of call to become the Senior Minister. In addition to being a strong spiritual leader with a commitment to financial responsibility and integrity, she has an impressive, successful business background.

The community has dedicated members and leadership that have been an integral part of maintaining a healthy ministry during the recent years of change. Under Reverend Dr. Penny Macek’s guidance and unwavering commitment, the community has set clear intentions. We continue to support individuals in growing in the revelation of love through Sunday service, classes, workshops, social events and community outreach. We recently added a Wednesday evening services for those interested in participating in spiritual practices together. The New Vision Center for Spiritual Living Community believes that “Love Awakens Hearts and Transforms Lives.” Our community is witnessing this truth in people’s lives as they thrive by applying the principles we teach.